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ASLMS Membership Benefit Slides                                                                                   

We're here to help you promote the benefits of an ASLMS membership. Simply download the following four slides and include them in your presentations.

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2014 Membership Campaign                                                                                   

(January 1 - December 31, 2014)

Share the benefits of ASLMS membership with your colleagues and you could win!

Our goal is to acquire 700 new members. If the goal is met, you will be entered to win one of four fantastic bonus prizes for each new member you recruit.

The individuals you recruit must be accepted as members. Please note that the bonus prizes are an addition to the current Member-Get-A-Member campaign reward levels listed below.

Bonus Reward Levels

FREE registration to the 35th ASLMS Annual Conference in Kissimmee, FL, April 22-26, 2015 valued at over $1,000

Apple iPad valued at over $450

Kindle E-Reader valued at over $200

FREE membership

Current Campaign Reward Levels

Rewards go up substantially for every additional accepted member you recruit:
* One member = $50
* Two members = $100
* Three members = $200
* Four + members = $300
Our board is committed to growing ASLMS and recognizes that your personal endorsement is our most effective recruiting tool. Please share the ASLMS membership brochure and an application with your colleagues. Be sure to place your name on the "referred by" line on the application to assure your credit. 

For you to earn your reward, your recruits must be accepted into membership between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014; must be first-time members or not have been dues paying members within the last two years.

Download our membership brochure and application, or contact us to request copies to share with colleagues.

No rewards will be awarded to any person if the award would be contrary to any United States law, including but not limited to trade embargoes administered by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control.

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